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Thanks for dropping in, I appreciate you visiting. For many years I have been a spiritual seeker, exploring how to go deeper with the things of God. On the journey I have met literally hundreds of people from actors to homeless people, scientists to New Agers who all want to talk about stuff. I am an evangelist at heart and so I love to discuss Jesus with people and navigate the rocky waters of how we communicate good news in a culturally relevant way without watering down the power of the resurrection of Jesus. I believe that deep down God has put eternity in the heart of every individual (Eccles 3:11) and that every person is made in the image of God (Genesis 1:27). However the church can sometimes be its own worst enemy and do a shockingly bad PR job making good news into something else, normally what we stand against rather than what we stand for. In this blog I want to offer some of my experience and help us learn to be good news people, adapting our methods and practices to the context we find ourself in. I hope to gather other like minded people who are evangelists or want to be better at communicating the good news. Feel free to sign up, get in touch or even suggest other resources.


For those of you wondering who I am, here's a brief bio.

I grew up in Perth, Scotland in an unchurched family. No-one in my circle of friends or family was a Christian, or if they were they did not make it known to me. Scotland is officially an unreached people group. I came to know Jesus strangely through a cult who introduced me to a network of small groups who really believed in their message. They loved one another, shared food together, shared life and their version of good news. However they were unhealthy too and had weird ideas about Jesus that I had to work through by becoming a theology student. When I did go to real church I found a lot of institutional behaviour that was disconnected from the population. However I also found the real Jesus and graduated with a Church of Scotland accredited degree. I grew in faith but my dissatisfaction with how church connected with people also grew. That led me to experiment with all kinds of church models that tried to be more accessible to those outside of church. I've started cell churches, house churches, twice been on the team of a large city centre church (once as a church planting coach), and for the last fifteen years I've led a missional local church called Lighthouse Central which I planted from scratch and is now a part of the Scottish Baptist Union. I have been on the leadership team of Forge Scotland, worked for Cairn, and continue to coach pioneers in the Church of Scotland. My wife, Faith and I also do consultancy for churches in transition towards a missional posture.

At heart I am a pioneer evangelist and so I am looking to equip and collect like minded people who are convinced the good news is actually good news. That is a skill which needs developed so perhaps we can do that together.

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